Well, that didn’t quite go to plan…

So back in march I set up this blog with the goal of loosing 100lbs by Christmas. And it was achievable. At 2lbs a week I’d set my target and was so motivated to reach it by Christmas Day only, that didn’t quite work out.

Im not sure what happened to me, but I lost my motivation. Things became so difficult and I just put it down to laziness. I then felt guilt for being lazy and letting myself down which, as it always does, ended with me comfort eating. Going to group had become difficult because of work, hours had been reduced so I was working every single bit of over time I could get my hands on which then left no time for me to go to group.

Excuses excuses I know. Although now I’m no longer in group, I feel like the pressure has been lifted ever so slightly. So I’m going to give it another go.

Im going to use this blog to vent so if anyone is reading then apologies in advance, you may witness excitement, happiness, anger, guilt, sadness and tears to go with them all.

So the mission is, in true Julie/Julia style, to tackle the slimming world cook books that I have, I’m going to set a target of what recipes to try from the magazine each month. I’m going to weigh in at home until I have the time and money to return to group. The main foscus of group that I found was the support member gave each other, I’m hoping to get this from Facebook, friends and family for the time being.

So here we go. Wish me luck!

Tara xoxo


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